Wall Aquarium and Wall Fish Tanks from Bayshore Aquarium.

Pictures of wall fish tanks and wall aquariums from our customers!

When your purchase an aquarium, water feature, or any other product from Bayshore Aquarium you are not only getting a piece of Living Art, but you are buying the best product on the market period. We sell more wall mounted fish tanks than any other company in the United States! We have assembled a great team to provide excellent customer service who can assist you with any questions with your fish tank, including maintenance, recommendations, installation, or decorations. Each employee is trained using standard operating procedures (SOP's) and own/operate their own aquarium (so they know about the customer experience).

Many professionals use our wall aquariums in waiting rooms, offices, or in any hallway where employees can enjoy them.

For home use our aquariums have been installed in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and of course in bar or party rooms! They make great conversation pieces!

Most of our customers tell us how relaxing their aquariums are and how easy the maintenance is (we suggest 10-15 minutes per month in maintenance).

Most retailers in the United States buy from us and we provide customer support for those customers.

"The episode of Man Caves that you helped out on (Lifeguard Cave) will be airing October19 at 10pm on the DIY network. Thank you for your help and hope you enjoy the episode. ...Mancaves." See our Porthole Wall Fish Tanks on the TV Show Mancaves See our Porthole Wall Aquariums on the TV Show Mancaves Bayshore Aquarium on Man Caves

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Bayshore Wall Aquarium