Wall Aquarium and Wall Fish Tanks from Bayshore Aquarium.

Wall Aquarium Installation, Maintenance, and Videos. Taking care of your wall fish tank is easy!

Easy to install (most wall aquariums are up on the wall in 20-30 minutes). We do recommend that a licensed contractor install the aquarium for you to make sure the aquarium is level for warranty to be valid. The aquarium must be level to ensure the integrity of the aquarium. The fun comes in when you get to decorate your wall aquarium. If you live in Southern California we can recommend an installer to not only put your wall fish tank up, but decorate, and explain the functions, maintenance, and fish we recommend. It is very important to remember that this is a wall aquarium. Limit the decorations to 10 pounds in decorations. We will not be responsible if you overload the aquarium in excess of 10 pounds.

Bayshore Wall Aquarium