Wall Aquarium and Wall Fish Tanks from Bayshore Aquarium.

Installing your wall aquarium is easy! Really!

What you need:

1. A Stud Finder 2. Level 3. A Power Drill 4. A Hammer or Claw

After you remove the aquarium and contents from the aquarium you will remove the "L" brackets that are attached to the aquarium. To do this remove the plastic clips at the top (make sure you keep the screws attached to the "L" bracket).

Use the stud finder to find the studs in your wall. Studs can hold up to 1000 pounds (so, yes, they are plenty sturdy enough to hold your aquarium). Take a pencil and mark the center of the studs (one stud per bracket).

Using the drill screw in the first "L" bracket with the screws provided. You will screw in the top oval and the middle oval (you may also drill a hole and screw in the lag bolt into the bottom circle).

Next place the next "L" bracket on the second stud even with the first "L" bracket (use the level to make sure they are perfectly even). Drill in the second stud with the two screws and lag bolt.

Use the claw hammer to pull the top of the "L" brackets barely away from the wall. You will be placing the plastic clips on the top of the "L" bracket and you want to make sure they will fit in.

Open the trap door at the bottom of the fish tank (for medium/large/Mega). Place the empty fish tank on the "L" brackets. Using the clips - clip the fish tank to the "L" bracket. Run the cords behind the fish tank (to hide them) - you may need to remove one clip on each side to do this and then place the clip back on.

Screw in the small screws from the "L" brackets to the bottom of the fish tank (one per "L" bracket).


Now, add decorations...then water. Arrange as you like.

We recommend you add Amquel (removes chlorine) and add a product such as bacter vital or stresszyme (live bacteria) to your fish tank. Plug in your filters, lights, and heater (if provided or bought).

To minimize initial fish loss do not add fish for at least one week! This will give the water time to cycle and let the bacteria you added multiple and stick to objects in the tank (which, is a good thing!).

Bayshore Wall Aquarium