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Betta Fish

Betta Fish
Betta Splendens are commonly known as Siamese fighting fish. This is because the males of this species cannot be kept together or they will fight each other, sometimes to the death. Sometimes you will see a single male betta flaring his gills at his reflection in the aquarium glass because he thinks that his reflection is another male. Male bettas flare their gills in order to appear larger and more threatening.

Bettas are originally from southeast Asia. They are from the family Belontiidae. All fish from this family possess a labyrinth organ that allows them to breath atmospheric oxygen. In fact, they must have access to oxygen from the air or they won't survive. Bettas also have gills that allow them to take in some oxygen dissolved in the water, but this doesn't provide enough oxygen for them to survive. You will frequently see bettas come to the surface for a gulp of air.

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