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Best Freshwater Fish for your Wall Fish Tank

Best Freshwater Fish for Beginners
If this is your first aquarium then you may want to set up a freshwater tank. Freshwater tanks are much easier to maintain, and the fish are less expensive too. In addition, it is more difficult to maintain the proper water conditions in a saltwater tank than in a freshwater tank. In general, it is easier to begin with a freshwater tank, however, even if you are a beginner it isn't impossible to succeed in setting up a saltwater tank. If you are interested in setting up a saltwater tank please see the article Setting Up a Saltwater Aquarium.

If you only want a small fish that will live by itself then we recommend a Betta. They do not get along with other Bettas. They require very little maintenace or special chemicals.

If you would like a community of the same fish with a lot of different colors we recommend African Cichlids. They are very low maintenance and are very responsive (interactive) when you walk up to your wall fish tank.

If you want a community of various fish we recommend a few male guppies, tetras, glofish, platys, mollies, sword tails, or any danio.

We do not recommend gold fish. Yes, they are very cheap, but they are very dirty. They eat and create waste a lot! And, gold fish can be toxic to other fish because of all the bacteria they create.

The most important thing is to enjoy your fish. Watch for a few minutes when you can and relax. An aquarium is suppose to be calming, not a lot of work. And our wall aquariums were designed for that reason. They are simple to maintain and are easy to enjoy.

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