Wall Aquarium and Wall Fish Tanks from Bayshore Aquarium.

Medium Bamboo Wall Fish Tank Bayshore Aquarium

Bamboo Wall Fish Tank Bayshore Aquarium
Bamboo Wall Fish Tank Bayshore Aquarium
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Product Description

We had pulled the bamboo aquariums off the shelves because the bamboo joints/seams were separating. This only affected 20% of the bamboo aquariums but we pulled them all off. We took 15 minutes & put wood putty between the joints & it turned out beautiful. The bamboo framed ones are all hand made & are so much more elegant than the aluminum ones. They look like an elegant work of art. We are discounting these by $900 from it's original price of $1499. It's now discounted at $599 to do 15-30 minutes of patching.

Wall Mounted Fish Tank in a Rectangular Shape. This beautiful piece of Living Art is a fun and easy way to enjoy all of the benefits (with very low maintenance) of a larger aquarium.

Wall mounted fish aquarium
Patented brushed aluminum plated frame
Hidden compartment for electrical outlet
Safe tempered glass
Easy access to aquarium
Complete all-in-one kit included - see below

All-In-One Kit Includes:
Powerful multi-functional submersible filter
Custom fitted lighting fixture
Custom removable glass lid
Cleaning siphon hose (siphons water out in seconds)
Scrubber with handle
Beautiful Australian Great Barrier Reef background
Easy grip plant/item grabber
Fish net
Complete mounting kit (all hardware included)
Magnetic glass algae cleaner
Conveniently hidden 4-outlet adapter (large aquariums only)
Automatic feeder (medium and large sizes only)
Instructions and maintenance manual

Capacity: 6.0 Gallons

Dimensions (in inches): 23h x 34w x 5d

This wall aquarium will hold approximately 6.0 gallons of water.

Bayshore Wall Aquarium