Wall Aquarium and Wall Fish Tanks from Bayshore Aquarium.

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(Freshwater or Saltwater Fish Tanks)

Small Rectangular Wall Aquarium
Regular price: $299.99
Sale price: $129.00
Medium Panoramic Wall Aquarium
Regular price: $649.99
Sale price: $574.99
Medium Bubble Wall Aquarium
Regular price: $699.99
Sale price: $199.00
Bayshore Ceramic Horse Statue (Silver or Antique Green)
Regular price: $79.99
Sale price: $24.99
Large Rectangular Wall Aquarium
Regular price: $799.99
Sale price: $559.00
Large Panoramic Bamboo Frame Wall Aquarium
Regular price: $999.99
Sale price: $599.00
Extra Large Panoramic Wall Aquarium
Regular price: $1,099.99
Sale price: $749.00
Bamboo Wall Fish Tank Bayshore Aquarium
Regular price: $699.99
Sale price: $399.99
3 Gallon Small Round Cylinder Aquarium
Regular price: $249.96
Sale price: $99.00

Wall Aquarium and Wall Fish Tanks from Bayshore Aquarium...

Bayshore Aquarium's fish tank was originally designed in Australia. There is simply nothing more beautiful than to have a little piece of nature for your living art. These gorgeous wall fish tanks are designed with brushed aluminum plated frames making them much lighter than stainless steel yet durable to sustain rust. Each wall aquarium is created with safe tempered glass (5mm thick) or bubble acrylic. We believe you'll agree these are absolutely breathtaking, the perfect conversation piece, a space saver and will be the center piece of anywhere you place it. They are extremely EASY TO MOUNT, CLEAN AND MAINTAIN!!!

Wall mounted living art
Perfect for office or areas with limited space Great show piece in any room Patented brushed aluminum plated frame
Easy to maintain & clean Complete all-in-one kit included - see below

1.  Filter Powerful multi-functional submersible filter
2.  Feeder Our automatic feeder will feed your fish daily (for medium and large sizes only or can be           purchased separately)
3.  Heater Temperature controlled heater (for 10+ gallons sizes)
4.  Cleaner Magnetic glass algae cleaner (cleans your fish tank fast without reaching in the aquarium)
5.  Lights Custom fitted lighting fixture
6.  Outlets Conveniently hidden 4-outlet adapter to plug everything under the aquarium (for medium         and large aquariums)
7.  Siphon Hose Cleaning siphon hose that siphons water out of the tank in seconds
8.  Scrubber Scrubber with handle that will reach into your fish tank to clean the aquarium
9.  Fish Net Fish net that perfectly fits inside our wall fish tanks
10. Grabber Easy grip plant/item grabber to help move decorations around without reaching
      inside your fish tank
11. Lid Custom removable glass lid
12. Background Beautiful Australian Great Barrier Reef background
13. Mounting Kit Complete mounting kit with all hardware included
14. Manual Instructions and maintenance manual giving you great tips on how to easily maintain                 your fish tank based on our years of experience with wall mounted fish tanks


~ #1 BRAND We are the #1 brand of wall aquariums. Compare our features to the competition and you'll see why no one sells more wall fish tanks. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

~ EXPERIENCE SINCE 2005 We have more experience with wall mounted fish tanks than any other seller.

~ MORE SIZES AND SHAPES Bayshore Aquarium offers more shapes, sizes and colors than any other fish tank seller.

~ STRUCTURE All our components are detachable so you should never have to take the wall aquarium off your wall. Some competitors have their lights, filters, heaters built into the aquarium. The problem is if any of these components go out, you have to take all the water out of your fish tank then take the entire aquarium down for repair.

~ UNLIMITED SUPPORT When you purchase from us, we will provide you with unlimited support teaching you the easiest way to maintain your wall aquarium. We will also teach you how to keep your fish alive for years in our wall fish tanks. We know more about fish than any other wall fish tank sellers.

~ FREE STUFF We offer more free stuff with our wall mounted aquariums than any other seller. See our all that our kit includes.

~ SAVES ROOM Instead of having a big bulky tank on your floor or counter, our wall mounted fish tanks will fit perfectly on any wall.

~ HERE TO STAY We're not going anywhere! Once you purchase from us, we won't disappear like many companies out there. This is why more reputable companies and retailers sell our wall fish tanks instead of from any other seller.

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